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"destroying a woman's instinctive affiliation with her natural body cheats her of her confidence. it causes her to perseverate about whether she is a good person or not and bases her self worth on how she looks instead of who she is. it pressures her to use up her energy worrying about how much food she consumes or the readings on the scale and tape measure. it keeps her preoccupied, colors everything she does plans and anticipates. it is unthinkable in the instinctive world that a woman shall live preoccupied by appearance this way. it makes utter sense to stay healthy and strong, to be as nourishing to the body as possible, yet I would have to agree there is in many women a hungry one inside. but rather than hungry to be a certain size shape or height, rather than hungry to fit the stereotype, women are hungry for basic regard from the culture surrounding them." -dr clarissa pinkola estes

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