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Event Works is a student-run production group working out of the Studio for Interrelated Media at MassArt. Each year, a new team is tasked with the freedom to host events and experiences for the SIM department as well as the MassArt and Boston college communities at large.

I worked as team manager and head of logistics alongside Ethan Roy (Art Director) and Max Ryan (Technical Director). As a tight-knit and hard-working team, we were able to pull off five successful events over the course of the year and immerse ourselves in the language of event production with the hopes to carry that on into our future careers and artistic endeavors.

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Ghouls' Night Out was our first event of the year and our most difficult to organize by far. Having to split our attention between the six main features of the event, a haunted house, live music, a haunted dinner party, short film screenings, a costume contest, and an interactive performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show, I was up to my neck in organizing volunteers, staging event spaces, and ordering supplies. 

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The costume contest was organized online in collaboration with the MassArt Activities Council and the campus' Vision Magazine. I delegated submission and vote tracking to representatives from these departments so they could photograph students in costume at the event and post their photos to the event Instagram for other students to vote for their winners.

The volunteers we needed to help set up and run the event were organized through two separate google forms and through our subsequent slack channels. I had to stay in contact with about two dozen student volunteers helping with everything from decorating the haunted house, to filling up water pitchers, to running check-in tables. 

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The Haunted House itself was set up backstage in our department's performance hall, a tight back and forth set of hallways that needed to be reshaped with staging paper, decorated, lit properly, and filled with performers. About half a dozen students assisted me the day of the event, hanging paper over lights, setting up the different props I had bought, and pulling in found materials to flesh out the haunted house into an incredible focal point for our event.


All of the supplies for the event, from fake LED candles, cobwebs and gravestones for the haunted house, to water guns, toiler paper and the works for our interactive screening of Rocky Horror, had to be ordered at least two weeks in advance of the event through the proper student organizer channels at the college. I worked closely with Laura Flynn, who handled student group purchases, to make sure all of our supplies came in on time.

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To pull it all together, we brought in Sophia Ré, a.k.a. Pleasure Coffin, to prepare a DJ set for the night. Sophia's dark witch house adjacent music aesthetics created the perfect atmosphere for our main event.

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ghouls night out
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SIMTV Sound Live was an event produced in conjunction with the release of the newest episode of SIMTV Sound, a student film program produced for distribution by the Boston Neighborhood Network News. We had a live screening of the newest episode for students on campus and followed it with live performances from artists featured in the episode.

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The majority of my work on this event was in editing and producing the episode. I had to organize submissions from students in the major, music videos and bumpers, curate the submissions, organize the order, edit transitions, and finally, the credits. 

You can watch the full episode HERE.


The last thing to do was reach out to performers and make sure they were available for a short sound check before the event. 


Vendorama was an event for MassArt students interested in selling their artwork. We worked with the Center for Arts at the Armory in Somerville MA to offer a great opportunity for these student artists to share their work with other students and art patrons from around the city. 

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The work began with the process of curating our student vendors. We put out a call for vendors and it was my job to organize their info and stay in contact with all forty of them as we finalized details for the event.

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I had to organize a minute-to-minute schedule for the event to make sure we could manage our setup and execution of the event properly. The minute-to-minute layout helped us stay organized with the big picture timeline of the event as well as the individual tasks the three of us would have to stay on top of throughout.

On the Vendor side of things, I had to plan out our table arrangements within the venue's performance hall and mezzanine and communicate everything with the students involved. Coordinating event details with the vendors included everything from reminding them to print out QR codes of their Venmos, to arranging their preferred table sizes, to sending them setup and call time schedules. 

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When it all came together, this ended up being one of my favorite events. The students involved loved having the opportunity to set up a table for free and sell their work. I even got to sell some of mine :)

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Event Works hosted two projection and installation artists, the founders of MASARY Studios, Samo and Ryan, for an artist talk to share their post-graduate experiences and bring in the immersive installation 'Sound Sculpture.'

As usual, the minute-to-minute was important for this event to make sure we stayed organized. We had some help from our department's stagecraft class to stage the room and set up the light tech that was necessary for the artist presentation and sound installation so we needed to plan out how best to utilize their classtime. 


As the artist talk itself was pretty simple to organize, my main role was coordinating the transportation of 'Sound Sculpture' with Ryan and Samo. I had to rent a Uhaul van for the day in order to pick up all of the cubes, pipes, and wiring from their studio and then return it all after the event.

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Battle of the Bands was about as straightforward as you can get, a battle of the bands. We wanted to host a big night of music, lending our stage to artists from Boston's music scene, an event we could really go out with a bang on.

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It was my job again to organize the performance schedule for the night and coordinate the bands we wanted to bring in. Each band had to be communicated with about the particulars of their stage set up so that the info could be passed on to our tech team, and I had to make sure they were all available to come in for soundcheck. Managing the budget was the hardest with this event as we incurred a lot of last-minute expenses with all of the musical equipment we rented to give our performers the best possible stage setup.

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